What is a Paralegal?

Our Paralegal has had formal training in the following areas:

American Jurisprudence A comprehensive study of the nature of the judiciary and the court system. Attention given to the following topical areas: (1) Federal and State Court Distinctions, (2) Special and/or Inferior State and Federal Courts,(3) The Nature of Jurisdiction and Venue, (4) The Administrative Process, and (5) The Nature of Law and Corresponding Judicial Power.

Estates, Trusts & Probate Review, in detail, the initial planning and preparation necessary for a comprehensive estate plan. Topical considerations : (1) Wills and Trusts, (2) Provisions and Techniques of Drafting Trusts, (3) Processes of Estate Administration, (4) Probate Practice,(5) The Calculation and Closing of an Estate, and (6) Relevant Gift Tax Rules and Regulations.

Torts & Personal Injury Review of the general nature of tort law covering intentional torts, negligence, appropriate standards of conduct, product liability law, strict liability, and strict liability analysis. Specific and comprehensive attention to the nature of personal injury litigation, its documentation and practices, assessing and evaluating claims of damages, losses and the formalities of adjudication and/or settlement. Attention also to the medical malpractice cause of action.

Business Law Survey of basic principles of corporation law including their creation and operation as well as a review of partnerships and proprietorships as business entities. Prepare the documents necessary for incorporation, amendments, by-laws, and the recording of director’s meetings and minutes, dissolutions and liquidations. The law of contracts, their enforcement and regulation according to common law and statutory guidelines.

Family Law The legal formalities of family law and its impediments, including marriage, annulments, divorce property rights and distribution, children and visitation, alimony, separation agreements, adoptions, parent and child law. Interview clients with family law problems and prepare complaints and agreements.

Criminal Law The definition and elements of crimes, including crimes against the person and crimes against property. Constitutional safeguards and procedures necessary from arrest through trial, sentencing and punishment.

Real Estate, Transfer & Ownership The examination of the basic concepts in the law of real property including parties to a real estate transaction, the sales agreement, financing techniques, deeds and indentures, real property descriptions, the closing and settlement process, and post-settlement activities.

Civil Litigation A thorough examination of client counseling, investigation techniques and processes. Specific attention to the initiation and commencement of legal actions, the preparation of pleadings, motions, the discovery process, settlement techniques, trial, and pre and post-trial activities.
Legal Research & Writing A general understanding of the nature of legal research and its specific techniques and methodologies. Broad-based consideration to the types and forms of law books, the citation system, its proper reporting, the annotation series, legal encyclopedias, form books, government publications, state and national reporter series, and the unique problems of legal research and writing in the preparation of memoranda, briefs and other case law and legal periodical materials and use of specialized legal databases.
Legal Writing Strengthen writing, analysis, and critical thinking skills. Review and analyze crucial issues of writing in the context of law practice that pose difficulty. Defining an effective writing process, and examining how to write for the appropriate audience, how to apply principles of plain English, logical analysis and proper planning, organizing and drafting to a variety of legal documents.

Employment Law Review of the laws governing employment. A comprehensive overview of the most important facets of employment law. Specific attention given to the laws that create the employment relationship, mandate documenting employment practices, and define the parameters of litigating employment claims; including federal wage regulation, labor law, workplace discrimination, the impact of employment law on the family, ADA, privacy laws, sexual harassment, human resource management, federal regulations, and employee handbooks.

Bankruptcy Survey of the entire spectrum of Bankruptcy law, from consumer Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petitions, to an overview of the complexities of Chapter 11 business bankruptcies. A basic but complete analysis of bankruptcy theory and practice based on the United States Bankruptcy Code. Review the activities which are conducted by paralegals in bankruptcy practice, including the filing of bankruptcy petitions, motion practice in bankruptcy, the role and powers of the bankruptcy trustee, dischargeability of debts, reorganization cases, and the analysis and preparations of Statements and Schedules.

Ethics & Professional Responsibility An in-depth review of the law of professional responsibility as it affects paralegals, identifying and resolving ethical problems, and practical tips to use in everyday practice. Based on the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, review general guidance that can be adapted to practice in any jurisdiction. Familiar with the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the ABA’s Model Guidelines for the Utilization of Legal Assistants, as well as the standards of professional conduct created by the National Association of Legal Assistants and the National Federation of Paralegal Associations.


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