What is a DBA?

DBA or Doctor in Business Administration is a specialty degree.

Some DBA’s have a concentration in Accounting, Information Systems, General Business Management, Finance, or International Business.

Our DBA was granted in “Small Business”

Through a combination of very specialized classes our DBA has knowledge in:

  • Small Business Formation
  • Small Business Taxes
  • Small Management
  • Small Business Operations
  • Insurance
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Information Systems
  • Cost & Price Controls
  • Family Controlled Companies
  • Employment Law
  • Business Law
  • Ethics in Entrepreneurial Management

This theoretical knowledge when combined with years of actual “real world” business experience brings a powerful resource to Our Clients.

It is this special blend of both knowledge and experience that allows our DBA to assist Our Small Business Clients to start, build and manage their small business. This is why we can confidently say as a tax accountant Philadelphia trusts WE INCREASE YOUR PROFITS.