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We are professional MBA, CFP, DBA, CEC, and a bunch of other small business tax accountant in Philadelphia credential acronyms, but just think of us as the First Small Business tax and planning Specialist in Delaware Valley, PA.  Listed in Who’s Who… Excellence in Personal & Small Business Tax & Financial Planning.

financial management groupWe are the BEST  and most cost Effective Accounting and Financial Planning Firm in Philadelphia and the Entire Delaware Valley and New Jersey. Specializing in Select Individuals, Home Based, Start Up and Other Small Businesses with 0-6 Employees

Consistently Providing ALL the Tax, Accounting, Personal & Business Planning Services that Individuals and Small Businesses Actually NEED

Did you ever hear that a good accountant was the key to a good business? If that was truly the case, then why do 80% of new businesses fail in the first year?

Most accounting firms just want to do payroll, book keeping and taxes. But most small businesses Need increased profits and more money for growth and operating expenses. Is there a problem with this picture?

Studies show that most individuals and small businesses are so busy today, they often don’t know exactly where their money goes,

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and how often they lose money in ways they aren’t even aware of! It couldn’t happen to you… think again. Perhaps you’re like most business people that assume your accountant or tax preparer is taking care of all this for you?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. You only have to look at most people’s tax returns to see thousands of dollars in missed deductions and lost opportunities.

Every business would benefit from a good accountant or tax preparer to review their book keeping and fill out the tax forms. But the obvious truth is most every business needs more.

Finally there is some real legitimate help for small and or start up businesses.

Here are some of our credentials (ones ANY financial adviser you’re considering should have):

  1. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  2. Business Finance Consultant (BFC)
  3. Doctor Business Administration (DBA)
  4. Certified Estate Counselor (CEC)
  5. Certified Paralegal 

Financial Management Group specializes in working only with select individuals, home based, start up and other small businesses with 0 – 6 employees.

nj cpaWe work closely with Clients to help evaluate recent and proposed small business purchases as to their “real world” value. In doing so we are able to incorporate theoretical and actual Business & Real Estate Appraisal methods, with Tax and Business Investment analysis to help clients determine the best price and terms for a proposed purchase.

For existing purchases, we use the same methods to evaluate the purchase problems and try to find solutions, so a business can survive it’s first two years. Because of our experience, we once saved a Client (an Attorney) over $40,000. in first year taxes by re-structuring a sale.

We have jointly formed with Clients, over a dozen businesses in the last 5 years alone. As necessary, and as desired by the Client, we will assist in the logistical support of day to day Business operations using our diverse background, training and experience to deal effectively with current situations, and to for-see and avoid potential business, Tax and personnel problems.

financial planner philadelphiaWe actively look for ways to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS! We review what you’re currently doing. We look for ways to simplify your book keeping with an eye to track down problems. We prepare the payroll and all the payroll tax forms. As needed, we analyze tax accounting, planning, preparation & payroll, review all the financial planning work.

Through years of researching tax laws, we’ve found a way to virtually eliminate Self Employment and Payroll Taxes in certain instances.

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We Find Existing Money for Your Business Legally Using EVERY Practical Tax Law


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