Consistently Providing ALL the Tax, Accounting, Personal & Business Planning Services that Individuals and
Small Businesses Actually NEED

cpa njFinancial Management Group can provide a wide range of Book Keeping, Payroll, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Property Management, Personal and Business Planning, Tax Accounting, Planning & Preparation, Insurance & Investment reviews, College Planning, Estate Planning and Asset Protection services as well as writing SBA Loans, and can market your Business Loans, Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivable Loans and other business financing needs to over 125 various lenders to help get the money you need for your business even if you’ve been turned down by banks.

The Financial Services that are Most Often requested by our Select Personal and Business Clients are:

Book Keeping

We review and analyze your current or planned Book Keeping practices, recommend and implement simplified yet comprehensive methods that actually work for small businesses.


We review and analyze your current or planned Payroll structure and employee status, recommend and implement cost saving methods that meet your actual needs.

Tax Accounting & Preparation

An analysis of your past tax returns often yields missed opportunities that cost you Tax Dollars. We find existing money for your business, legally using EVERY practical Tax Law to reduce or eliminate your tax liability. We’ve found that most “professionals” try to have high volume offices and are just too busy to find the right tax laws that will save their Clients thousands of dollars each year. That’s why most Business clients switch to our individualized comprehensive service.

Self Employment & Payroll Tax Reduction

Through years of researching tax laws, we’ve found a way to virtually eliminate Self Employment and Payroll Taxes for certain businesses and individuals. This saves Our Business Clients thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary taxes. Now they can use that tax savings elsewhere.

Business Loans

We find New Money for your business with SBA Loans, Equipment Leasing, AR/PO Financing and Other Business Loans that we can market to over 125 various lenders to help get the money you need for your business even if you’ve been turned down by banks.

Insurance & Investments

We review and analyze your current or planned insurance needs and make appropriate recommendations in areas that appear of concern or that cost savings and better coverage can be found. We are not limited to any specific company or insurance product. Specific areas of review would normally include, but are not limited to: All areas of Life, Health, Disability Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care Insurance and Employee Benefits packages when appropriate.

We are licensed and have available various investments products. While our main focus is always taxes, tax savings, and the impact of any investment on a Client’s tax picture, our Certified Financial Planner, because of his unique training and experience, has the background and knowledge that makes Clients feel comfortable. We have helped Clients find what’s right for their specific situation. Things like IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, Pension Plans and a diverse selection of Mutual funds would normally meet and exceed most Client’s needs for Retirement, College and Investment Planning.

Business Planning & Asset Protection

We review and analyze the financial aspects of your current or planned business structure(s), Wills, and Trusts to see how they may be impacted by various financial events. This give you the opportunity to make whatever changes you feel may be necessary to protect your hard earned money and insure that your wishes are carried out.

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