Financial Management has over 30 years of business experience. There is a solid background in both Commercial & Residential Real Estate Sales, Leasing & Property Management, Personal and Business Tax & Financial Planning, Insurance, Investments, Trading,  College Planning, Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

We work with Select Individuals and have Specialized in working with Small Business Clients.

Financial Management Group has combined ALL the basic accounting services (that businesses typically over pay CPA’s to do) with the Best of Financial Planning (coordinating the personal and business aspects of taxes, investments, insurance, asset protection & estate planning) AND then added the ability to write SBA and Other Business Loans for our Clients and market those loan applications to over 125 different lenders to help find money for our Clients.

We’ve been told that we’re the MOST “Cost Effective” firm our Clients have ever seen.

The typical business Client we see may be a Start Up Business, Home Based Business, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or LLC, with 0-6 employees. Their Gross Sales or Business Income ranges from $3,000 to $5,000,000 annually.


We show the new business Client, “How to Start” their business with minimal aggravation and money and then how to make it grow.

We show the existing Business Client, how to improve their “Cash Flow,” review their business structure and recommend changes that can reduce their Self Employment and or Payroll Taxes.

We work closely with Clients to help evaluate recent and proposed small business purchases as to their “real world” value. In doing so we are able to incorporate theoretical and actual Business & Real Estate Appraisal methods, with Tax and Business Investment analysis to help clients determine the best price and terms for a proposed purchase. For existing purchases, we use the same methods to evaluate the purchase problems and try to find solutions, so a business can survive it’s first two years. Because of our experience, we once saved Client (an Attorney) over $40,000. in first year taxes by re-structuring a sale.

We have jointly formed with Clients, over a dozen businesses in the last 5 years alone. As necessary, and as desired by the Client, we will assist in the logistical support of day to day Business operations using our diverse background, training and experience to deal effectively with current situations, and to for see and avoid potential business, Tax and personnel problems.

As a Managing Director and/or Corporate Officer, we have restructured and handled all the paperwork to revalue a Client’s S Corp, refinance the debt and then resell the corporation, re-issuing stock, including review of all UCC filings, Drafting and review of agreements of sale, corporate proxies, minutes and disbursement of funds.

We have assisted both individuals and couples with accessing their financial situations and have aided in the financial aspects of pre bankruptcy planning.

We have helped divorcing couples review the financial aspects of property settlement agreements, assisted and prepared Case Information Statements, and reviewed IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s and company pension plans for appropriate valuations for QDRO arrangements.
Financial Management Group also provides great individualized customer support based on a Client’s needs.

We find Existing Money for Your Business using Every Practical Tax Law.

And We Do More

We find New Money for Your Business with top-notch SBA Loans, Equipment Leasing, AR/PO Financing, and Other Business Loans.

To insure our Client’s needs are met, there is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Estate Counselor, Certified Business Finance Consultant, MBA and Paralegal on staff.

We have a very relaxed office and meet Clients by appointment only for their convenience.

Financial Management Group encourages phone calls, emails and faxes so that we can give pro-active advise.

We ALWAYS Advise all Clients:

“We always want to hear the ‘Here’s what we’re thinking about doing’ questions and NOT the ‘Guess what we just did’ statements.”

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Financial Management Group has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!